Wedding, what it mean to you? We immediately remember: love, laughters, tears, beauty. Wedding makeup, wedding rings, wedding bouquets, wedding cakes, wedding dresses! It's all beautiful. Since childhood, every little princess dreaming about it, but there's another thing exist. This is what I want to tell on wedding photography. Sometimes I’m been witness to the relations between two people! She looks at him with adoring eyes, looking at his face, wants to remember every line. Her eyes like a happy scanner, which received the precious paper. She admires her man, and only him! She don’t need anyone more, she had him there. And that's it.
Men are more reserved (self-controlled), but they occur within the same process, I call it (carefully kept secret). Every time I go to shoot a wedding day, I wait a lot of emotion from it. Have you ever seen a bride in the morning in the flow of the wedding events. She is charming and gorgeous, she is trying for him, and for him alone. I see a moment and urgency, when the groom sees his love for the first time in a wedding dress. She is waiting for confirmation from him, as she tried to him to choose a wedding dress, wedding hairstyles, and he should appreciate! Sometimes I see the tears of men is a touching, sometimes in addition to a speech that touched all those around him. At the end of the words presented Bouquet well, as without it, he emphasizes her appeal.

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Свадьба за границей!
У вас прошла свадьба на ура,  но вы хотите испытать больше, этого мало? Берем свадебные наряды, не забываем  о свадебном фотографе и едем за границу  получать удовольствия от  медового месяца по городам Европы.  Вас ждет масса впечатлений,  прекрасные декорации старинных  домов и мощеных улиц.  Погрузите себя в радостную и душевную  атмосферу послесвадебной съемки. Возможно, отснять символическую свадьбу!  Это свадьба за границей.





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